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Escena Club

Club Benefits – 2023-24 Escena Club Card is Sold Out

The 2023-24 Escena Club program is sold out. Our summer program will be available later this spring. For reference, the program includes:

Online only…no card, no paperwork

Pre-pay, show up and play

Earn rewards points

(exclusive for Escena Club participants)

Ability to book up to 30 days in advance

Fewer guest restrictions…up to 3 guests can play at your rate

Add-on exclusive offers

Private Facebook group exclusive offers

Program still includes one FREE* round!

Golf Cash

(Ability to purchase or earn Golf Cash** through the Escena Golf app.)

*Free round is redeemed with a promo code that is automatically applied to your first round booked inside of 3 days.

**Golf Cash is a digital currency that lives inside the Escena Golf app and provides for the ability to pay for select products and services, including green fees and in-store merchandise purchases. It can also be transferred to other active Escena Golf app accounts. Refunds for green fee cancelations that were originally purchased with Golf Cash go immediately back to the Golf Cash account, avoiding credit card processing delays. Golf Cash is non-refundable and not redeemable for cash, restaurant or beverage cart purchases, or gift cards.

Escena Club Rates

Cardholder Rates

Cardholder rates are pegged at a set discount off the regular rates available to the general public. Rates fluctuate based on demand, i.e. they can increase (or decrease) as the date of play approaches.

The lowest rates will always be for tee times booked within 0-3 days of the day of play.

Tee times booked 4-30 days in advance are set at a discount of 15%-20% off the regular rates.

Tee times booked 4-30 days in advance require a cancelation notice of at least 72 hours. Tee times booked 0-3 days require a cancelation notice of at least 24 hours. Failure to cancel by the prescribed time period or to show up for a tee time will result in a full forfeiture of the pre-paid amount.

Summer Tee Time Hours

– May 1-15 : 6:44am-11:25am
– May 16 -31: 6:27am- 11:00am.
– June 1-30: 6:27am-10:30am.
– July 1 -10: 6:27am-9:30am
– July 11-14: Closed for aerification
– July 15-31: 6:27am-8:00am
– August 1-31: 6:27am -8:00am
– September 1-Overseed closure: 6:27am-8:30am

Cardholder Rates

Cardholder may bring up to 3 guests per tee time at the Cardholder rate. Cardholder must be present for guests to receive the Cardholder rate. There is no limit to the number of guests a Cardholder can bring during the program period. (Past program features such as guest punches and ‘No Punch Zones’ are no longer offered or necessary.)

Reward Points

Cardholders earn 10 points for every $1 spent on green fees (excludes guest green fees). Points may be redeemed for green fees at any time within the program period. Unused points do not carry over to subsequent years.

Rates include cart fees. Tee times are subject to availability. Cardholders agree to be bound by program terms and conditions. 2023-24 Escena Club program expires 9/29/2024. Rates, dates, annual fee and benefits subject to change.