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Escena Club Terms & Conditions

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Escena Club 2023-2024 Terms & Conditions

Purchaser (also referred to herein as “Cardholder”) understands and acknowledge the following conditions:
– To receive the lowest rate, cardholders may reserve tee times up to three (3) days in advance of the day of play. Tee times booked outside of three days are available at a higher rate.
– All tee times are required to be pre-paid for the number of players booked, including cardholder guests.
– All golf cart ridership is shared; requests for single-rider carts or spectators are unable to be granted due to limited availability of golf carts. 
– Cardholders may be asked to verify their identity when they play.
– Cardholder agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the Course. Rules include, without limitation, respectful treatment of staff, adherence to proper conduct, dress code, pace of play and golf etiquette standards. Violations of Course rules and regulations may result in suspension or revocation of membership privileges without refund.
– For tee times booked outside of 72 hours, Cardholder is responsible to show up for all reserved tee times or call at least 72 hours in advance to cancel.  For tee times booked within 72 hours, Cardholder is responsible to show up for all reserved tee times or call at least 24 hours in advance to cancel. Failure to show up or cancel by the above-prescribed time period will result in a 100% charge of the booking, or no refund of prepaid green fees.  The course reserves the right to suspend or terminate without refund the privileges of any member who fails to cancel a tee time reservation.
– Tee times booked outside of 72 hours maybe subject to group size restrictions (e.g., 2 or 4 players).
– The Course may not be available from time to time for events, maintenance or other reasons. There WILL BE times during peak season days and months, such as February and March, and other high demand periods when it may be difficult to obtain a tee time within the 3-day booking window.
– The Golf Course has no obligation to allocate any tee times for the Escena Club Program. The Escena Club Program benefits are not transferable. Any attempt to manipulate the reservation system, or engage in conduct detrimental to the Program or other members will result in revocation of member privileges without refund.
– An Escena Club subscription is considered active upon redemption of any of the Program benefits; no full refunds will be issued following activation.
– Golf course hours and available tee times may be limited due to maintenance events, tournaments or seasonality. Starting in approximately mid-April, the latest available tee time will be earlier in the day, and will continue to reduce as temperatures increase.

The 2023-24 Escena Club program expires on: September 29, 2024.

Additional information regarding the Program and its rules and regulations can be found in the remainder of this agreement.

Summary of Program Benefits; Program benefits and the general conditions of use are as follows:

– Escena Golf Club is the only participating course as of this application date.
– Preferred golf rates (reservations may be made up to three (3) days in advance are the lowest). Rate information is available at the Course and Course website and may be subject to change from time to time. (NOTE: Management will use its best efforts to ensure that the Escena Club rate is the lowest available rate within a given time period. However, please note that some 3rd party services may periodically offer a lower rate for a specific tee time which they may control as a result of an existing agreement).
– One free round of golf. (Note: The free round redemption is automatically applied to the first round booked within 3 days in advance; it cannot be redeemed for tee times booked 4-30 days in advance.)
– Bring up to 3 guests at the member rate (prepayment required).
– Reduced pricing during off-peak periods.
– Add-on exclusive offers
– 25% off on merchandise purchases of $100 or more (non-sale items only).
– 10% off non-sale merchandise. (May not be used in conjunction with other offers; Excludes Titleist balls).
– Online booking with NO reservation fees.
– Rewards points for green fee purchases (exclusive to Escena Club participants)
– Ability to purchase or earn “Golf Cash”. Golf Cash is a digital currency that lives inside the Escena Golf app and provides for the ability to pay for select products and services, including green fees and in-store merchandise purchases. It can also be transferred to other active Escena Golf app accounts. Refunds for green fee cancelations within the program guidelines that were originally purchased with Golf Cash go immediately back to the Golf Cash account, avoiding credit card processing delays. Golf Cash is non-refundable and not redeemable for cash, restaurant or beverage cart purchases, or gift cards.

I have reviewed and understand the Program benefits and any conditions associated with these benefits. I acknowledge that Escena Club pricing, green fee pricing and other Program benefits may be subject to change from time to time, and that the Card and Program benefits are not transferable.

Introduction to Rules and Regulations

The following are the rules and regulations governing use of the Escena Club (the “Club”) by Cardholders and guests under the Escena Club Program (the “Program”).  These rules and regulations replace and supersede all prior rules and regulations and all other membership or program agreements that may have been implemented in the past.  Such prior agreements are no longer valid and are not binding on Management.

Golf Club Management, Nature of Membership
Escena Golf Club is owned by Escena Golf PS LLC (hereafter referred to as “Owners”) and is operated on their behalf by Sunrise Golf, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “Management”). As the operator of the Club, Management retains the right to decide all issues regarding operation and management of the Club including but not limited to the booking of tee times and reservation of the golf course by groups and tournaments.  Management also reserves discretion to implement, revise, restrict or otherwise control all aspects of the sale and/or benefits of the Program or other programs and the benefits that Management grants holders of those memberships or programs.  Management may change, alter, or discontinue the sale of the Program at its discretion, except that it will not materially change the benefits or fees associated with the Program during an annual contract period.  Management reserves the right to permit public play at the Club. As an Escena Club cardholder, the Cardholder obtains a non-equity, non-participatory right to use the Club and obtains no rights, benefits or responsibilities with regard to the ownership or operation of the club or any program or membership other than those expressly stated with regard to the benefits included in the Program purchased.  The Program members is the person obligated for the payment of all fees, dues, fines and charges. Program benefits are not transferable. Management reserves the right to refuse the sale of this Program to any person or party.

Tee Time Cancellation Policy
Cardholders are responsible to show up for all reserved tee times or call at least 72 hours in advance to cancel.  Failure to show up or cancel 72 hours in advance will result in a 100% charge of the total green fees, without eligibility for refund.  Any Cardholder found to have not shown up for more than three reserved tee times will automatically forfeit his or her rights as an Escena Club Program Cardholder.

Management at all times has the absolute right to suspend for a definite or indefinite time the Program privileges of any Cardholder who Management finds has violated any rule, regulation or policy established in the rules and regulations contained in this document otherwise established by Management for the operation of the Club, or whose behavior is disruptive to the operation of the Club.  A suspension may be lifted by Management, in its sole discretion, upon receipt of evidence that any rule, regulation or policy violation committed has been remedied or any offensive behavior will not be repeated.  Such suspension removal may require Program Cardholder to agree to certain terms and conditions, or pay certain fines or penalties, or  comply with other appropriate requirements which shall be determined in the sole and absolute discretion of Management.

A Card may be revoked and the rights of any person or persons entitled to privileges under the Program may be terminated for any of the following reasons:
– Commission of any felony or misdemeanor theft at the Club.
– Willful destruction of the Club or customer property.
– Physical or gross verbal abuse of staff or customers.
– Continued and repeated violations of any rules or policies.
– Conduct which seriously detracts from Management’s absolute right to manage the Club and preserve its financial integrity.

Rules Relating to Member Conduct
Each Program Cardholder agrees to abide by all rules and regulations established by Management relating to the conduct of Cardholders and other customers of the Club.  Said rules may include, without limitation, respectful treatment of staff, rules regarding proper conduct, dress code and golf etiquette.

Sale of Escena Golf Club
The Owners of the golf course retains the right to sell or otherwise transfer operation of the Club and all of its facilities to another party at its sole discretion.  The Owner is not required to give notice of any such sale or transfer or to request or obtain approval of any such sale or transfer from the Cardholders.

No person is authorized to make any representations or purport to enlarge upon the information contained in this document. If you receive any representation other than what is written here, please notify the Club General Manager in writing.

Program Term
This Program expires September 29, 2024 as identified on this agreement.

Acknowledgment of Benefits

By accepting these terms and conditions the Cardholder is not only agreeing to the rules, regulations, and terms set forth but also acknowledging that they have read, understood, and accepted the benefits as they were presented.

The purchaser hereby agrees to be bound by the terms of the rules and regulations contained in this document as they may be amended by Management in its sole discretion.

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